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Take Away


Ginger Leaf's Recommendation


Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Thai Milk Tea (Must Try!)

Thai Tea Lemonade

Thai Ice coffee

Thai Pink Milk

Special Price for Takeaway & Delivery Only

*This price is not included with other discount

White Wine

Marty's Block Chardonnay (SA)

Redbank Long Paddock Pinot Grigio (King Valley, VIC)

Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)

Jim Barry JB Riesling (SA)





Marty's Block  Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz (SA)

Yaluma Wild Ferments Shiraz (SA)

Redbank Long Paddock Merlot (SA)

Opawa Pinot Noir (NZ)

Jim Barry Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon (SA)

Running With Bulls Grenache

Red Wine







Sparkling&Rosé Wine 

Marty's Block Rosé(SA)

Dunes & Greene Sparkling NV (SA) - 200 ml.  

Moscato Split Pick Sparkling NV (SA) - 200 ml.  


$ 6.5


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Soft Drink


Ginger Beer (375ml.)

Tonic Water (300ml.)

Ginger Ale (300ml.) 

Soda Water (300ml.)

Sparkling Water (500ml.)

Sparkling Water (750ml.)

$ 3.5

$ 3

$ 3

$ 3

$ 3.5

$ 6.5

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